Valentine – the artist with the magical paintbrush

“I gift you a little bit of magic in every painting.”

In a quaint studio in the British countryside, an artist delicately guides her paintbrush across the canvas. With each stroke, a new world comes to life.

Meet Valentine, the artist with the magical paintbrush. For over 20 years, she has been sharing her unique artistic vision with the world. Though largely self-taught, Valentine has exhibited her work in galleries across the UK. Her paintings have even found homes globally with art collectors seeking a touch of magic.

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Valentine has painted many different subjects and has explored a number of different genres. She has three key themes in her work.

“I tell a story in my paintings”

Capturing Cinematic Lives

Valentine finds inspiration in the stories around her. Whether it’s a lone figure on an empty street or an emotional company portrait, her paintings evoke the tales within. She dreams up these narratives through her choice of colors, textures, and subjects.

Her lone figures often channel a vintage Hollywood glamor – elegant ladies in red lipstick and men with old-world panache. Valentine compares her style to Fabian Perez with a hint of Vettriano. There is a cinematic quality to these slices of imagined lives.

I enjoy painting lone figures. My style has been likened to that of Fabian Perez with a hint of Vettriano. I love to take a figure and then dress it with velvet, lace, soft cotton and chiffon. I love to paint luxurious, decadent and opulent paintings. Expensive cars, empty streets, men in well-tailored suits and ladies in Louboutins.

Connecting Through Emotional Portraits

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For Valentine, art is about connection. She aims to gift “a little bit of magic in every painting” by tapping into the stories and values important to her clients. One of her specialties is crafting emotional company portraits. Instead of a standard executive portrait, she depicts the passion and spirit of the business.

“These are not like an ordinary portrait of the CEO of the company, but are depictions of your company values, mission and passions. I explore why you started your business and what it means to you. It makes a fantastic talking point in your corporate spaces for ice breaking talks with important clients or, it presents the ideal gift for a treasured customer or an extra special gift for a long serving employee who is leaving. I include elements that are important to you. I will choose the most suitable style and genre. For example, we might use a limited palette of the company colours. The piece could be totally abstract, or surreal, or hyper-realistic or include elements of all.”

Giving New Life Through Upcycling

Valentine also upcycles old materials into new works of art. Driven by her passion for sustainability, she reinvents castoff items with paint and inspiration. This creative reuse gives new purpose to forgotten objects. For Valentine, repurposing past its prime materials is a rewarding challenge. She uses her transformative paintbrush to usher thrift store finds into the world of fine art.

“Sustainability and environmental preservation are important to me and I enjoy recycling and upcycling materials into new pieces of art. It is especially fun to take old things and completely transform them with magic”.

The Magic in Every Brush Stroke

In her studio, Valentine practices her signature artistic alchemy. With a few strokes of her paintbrush, she spins straw into gold. Hidden stories unfurl under her fingertips. Valentine invites you to discover the magic she captures in each of her narrative paintings. Let her talent for tale-telling inspire you!

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