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Valentine – the artist with the magical paintbrush

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“I gift you a little bit of magic in every painting.”

Valentine lives and works in the UK and has been painting for over 20 years. She has exhibited in independent art galleries in the UK and has sold original art globally.
Valentine is entirely self-taught. She took independent life study classes at the Ruskin College of Art in Oxford and has taught herself through practice and self-study. Valentine is a scientist by training and an artist by nature. She incorporates both into her career.

Valentine has painted many different subjects and has explored a number of different genres. She has three key themes in her work.

“I tell a story in my paintings”

Lone Figures

“I enjoy painting lone figures. My style has been likened to that of Fabian Perez with a hint of Vettriano. I love to take a figure and then dress it with velvet, lace, soft cotton and chiffon. I love to paint luxurious, decadent and opulent paintings. Expensive cars, empty streets, men in well-tailored suits and ladies in Louboutins.

Emotional Portraits

Teenage girl sitting at round table

Valentine paints company portraits. “These are not like an ordinary portrait of the CEO of the company, but are depictions of your company values, mission and passions. I explore why you started your business and what it means to you. It makes a fantastic talking point in your corporate spaces for ice breaking talks with important clients or, it presents the ideal gift for a treasured customer or an extra special gift for a long serving employee who is leaving. I include elements that are important to you. I will choose the most suitable style and genre. For example, we might use a limited palette of the company colours. The piece could be totally abstract, or surreal, or hyper-realistic or include elements of all.” Valentine says that to have value, you must make an emotional connection with the art. It must mean something special to you because looking at it makes you feel.

Transfrom new art

“Sustainability and environmental preservation are important to me and I enjoy recycling and upcycling materials into new pieces of art. It is especially fun to take old things and completely transform them with magic”.

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