Gabriele Palmas

Sardinian Winemaker In Alghero

Sardinia in the glass. Fine, typical, intense wines. Vinification in purity.

A beautiful winery on spectacular green hills between medieval town Alghero, the gem of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts Coral Riviera, and northen capital of Sardinia ancient town Sassari, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, citrus gardens and Mediterranean nature, producing delicious premium Sardinian wines. Wines of Alghero characterized by flavors of Mediterranean nature, sea, local soil and wind.

From his father, a Sassari lawyer passionate about viticulture, he inherited the “Arcone” vineyard, planted in the early seventies in the Nurra between Sassari and Alghero, characterized by clayey and rocky soils. Thus was born the first cellar in Sassari, which today bears the name of Gabriele Palmas.

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The Story

The “Gabriele Palmas” winery was founded in 2001. The first vineyard was planted by his father as a hobby, in the early seventies. The lawyer Palmas managed to pass on his passion for the wine world to his son Gabriele, who shared the project with him and created the first winery in Sassari in 1996.
With the Arcone and Montepedrosu wines they were appreciated by wine critics and received various awards. When his father passed away, Gabriele dedicated himself to the restructuring of the vineyards together with his wife Simona. Having at their disposal a company of more than fifty hectares, they identified very well exposed hilly areas for the new plant and experimented with new varieties, alongside the indigenous Cannonau and Vermentino, international vines that had aroused a lot of curiosity in them.

The initial choice was to vinify the single types in purity and with exclusive aging in steel.
The desire to communicate simplicity and recognizability suggested them to study a label with, on the front, only the name of the producer and two symbols of territoriality: the Aragonese tower (emblem of the city of Sassari) and the Sardinian button declined in various colors to diversify the product. On the back label, the name of the vine.

We handcraft our wines in the same place where we grow the vines and lead our lives.

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With the red, vintage “96, they obtained the” Price Quality” Oscar (Almanacco del Bere Bene 1999)
Wines of Italy 1999, Slow Food Arcigola Editore (Gambero Rosso) enters the guide, with the “Two Glasses”
Merano Wine Festival for Cabernet Riserva 2016 and Syrah 2016

The Terroir

The current 8.5-hectare plant was born in 2008, here they planted Vermentino and Cannonau, then being a viticulture enthusiast Gabriele decided to plant Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah as well. The results are quite positive, they have created wines that people like a lot, they are clean wines but at the same time very intense. All this is linked to the terroir, because here they have a favorable climatic situation, there is a lot of stone, therefore a lot of minerality, the proximity to the sea of Alghero, and it is an area beaten by the mistral. To date the company is growing, it has about nine hectares of production and another four of new plant.

The winery is located in the center of the company and dominates the vineyard hills, allowing the grapes harvested by hand to be vinified immediately.

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The Phylosophy

Elegant bottles, with the stylized Sardinian jewel (sa buttonera), in the various colors that distinguish the types of wines.

Gabriele inherited the passion for viticulture from his father, Giuseppe Palmas, founder of the company. Since 2001 he has been involved in the entire production chain in his estates, where he lives with his family. Simona accompanies Gabriele in family and professional life. Both are involved in carrying on the company with the same philosophy of respect and enhancement of natural products. Gabriele and Simona personally take care of the entire supply chain, they have made their work a lifestyle choice, they live in the winery where they raised their children, teaching them to appreciate nature and respect its times.

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The Wines

Location: Alghero – Sassari (SS), North West Sardinia
Founded: 1996
First bottling: 1996
Total area: 70 ha, winery 15 ha
Soil: clayey and rocky soils
Grapes: Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Vermentino
Age of the vines:
Training systems:
Type of farm: In organic conversion, dry farming

There are currently five labels on the market:

Vermentino of Sardinia DOP – 100% Vermentino
Cannonau di Sardegna DOP – 100% Cannonau
Alghero Cabernet DOP – 100% Cabernet
Alghero Cabernet DOP “Riserva” – aged 12 months in small oak barrels and 18 months in steel
Syrah IGP Isola dei Nuraghi – 100% Syrah

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