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Drawing inspiration from the delicate and sinuous “silhouette”/ that traditionally distinguishes the image of the seductive Shakespearean creature (stimulating the viewer to immerse themselves emotionally, from the first moment, into the magical atmosphere of Verona with its millenary culture and its enchanting beauty) , the “Giulietta” bag by “Allison Style” has the intriguing and suggestive contours that are peculiar for the excellence of “Made in Italy” in an alternation of sober and elegant colors with hand-made techniques capable of giving life – through a meticulous selection of fine leathers, in authentic crocodile and leather, carefully vegetable tanned – with the soft and refined lines that best suit the needs of the modern woman.

The project was born in Verona from the passion of its creator Allison for the fashion world: the promoter of the project, in fact, thanks to her work experience in the sector, decided to put into practice the knowledge and “know-how” – consequent to previous activities in the field of “fashion style” – for the purpose of creating a brand by virtue of which one can best express one’s tastes and passion for the world of accessories. The “Giulietta” bag (the first stylistic line created by “Allison Style”, destined for the luxury market and whose peculiarity is represented by the use of precious and entirely handmade materials in a “Made in Italy” context) features the availability of three different creative profiles, to which is added the more specific version – “Limited Edition” – of one of them. Thanks to their sinuous shapes and precious materials, in a line that stands out for its uniqueness and originality, the “Allison Style” bags perfectly meet the taste and needs of every woman attentive to the new trends in fashion branding.


“Allison Style” can be considered, with its “Giulietta” line inspired by the sinuous features of the Shakespearean Muse, the new “brand” of fine bags for the contemporary woman who loves style and high fashion: “Allison Style” is in fact, by now, affirming at an international level in the market of fine accessories and luxury bags for an “outfit” of excellence: its modern but refined style is aimed at today’s women, always particularly active in the daily commitment on a professional level (and not only) and attentive to the refinement of the design.

The name of the line – as you can easily guess in reference to the Veronese cultural tradition from which the brand originates – is attributable to the historical figure of Giulietta Capuleti (authentic muse of the collection), whose body sinuosity aims to highlight and enhance which stands as a distinctive feature of her female image.
The “concept” of Giulietta, in the precious “Allison Style” collection, is expressed respectively: in a refined clutch in leather and crocodile (also available – in its “Limited Edition” version – in “total cocco” or in a large shoulder strap to wear every day or, again, in a practical backpack in which you can comfortably insert (with maximum practicality and elegance) the laptop or tablet to go to the office.
Variable are the dimensions and measures of the individual bag models of the “Giulietta” line.

All “Allison Style” bags are customizable to order with the possibility for the customer to choose the colors and the spacing of the seams and, optionally, to imprint the initials of their name.

Order your personalized bag or choose from the ready-to-go models



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