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Outstanding shoemaker and owner of the handicraft workshop of handmade shoes for men in Montegranaro in the Marche region in Italy. Propulsion center of the Marche footwear district, the footwear industry in Montegranaro dates back to the early 1800s. An artisan tradition and one of the most qualified workers in the sector. The montegranarese footwear asserts itself in a wonderful way in the years of 1958.
Alfio has his roots firm in his territory and his shop is still under the house where he was born and raised. His passion was born handed down by his father who started the business with collections of their brand Brumas, he grew up passionate about his work and after the studies started working with him.
With the passing of years, Alfio’s passion has led him to seek the craftsmanship of handmade and he met the real product made entirely by hand that he refined with the artisans of his country.

Italian Luxury Handmade Shoes For Men

Reached the dexterity and experience after many trials and years of work, his region the Marche has honored him whit 1M-Marche handmade excellence brand, to a true artisan product and 100% made in Italy. Alfio worked for big brands among which are HugoBoss, Tod’s, D&G, Prada. With them the tendency for beauty was finalized, but the logic of mass production moves away from his craftsmanship passion for the product. Currently he works with stylists and designers with whom they experienced the influences for the theater, painting exhibitions with other events. Significant collaborations for my experience as Maurizio Altieri. These are collaborations that have allowed Alfio to hone the attention to detail, the lines of last and a real need for continuous research to improve himself. Now his lab reects a lifestyle, a passion for a job that he has decided to bring towards the realization of high-quality products, and not to quantity. This is only possible with a maturity work which in his case is born from the past, grows with love affections of a job handed down from his father.

The Philosophy And Inspiration Crafting Handmade Shoes For Men

At 40 years I managed with my experience working continuously evolving to achieve a combination with my daily life almost in symbiosis. My maturity as a man allowed me to help raise awareness of my craft skills I try to grow daily with new experiments to construction techniques and more materials more than the highest level. My thirst for knowledge brings my continued research to try new methods which are inspired by my everyday interests. The passion for the world around me seen as a rediscovery of nature inspires me in search of more and more eco friendly materials, the growing desire to know my roots It leads me to strengthen my handicraft passion.

A path along which I am convinced we can do with foot to the right pair of shoes. This does not mean that the image remains as it were old or static in the past, I find inspiration in those costumes of dress in which I can almost identify, and for me it is the first of the ‘900. Activities of daily living atmosphere of the ’20s -‘ 30s in my hands turn into intriguing two-tone, in my shoes echoing styles of a timeless elegance.

Italian Luxury Handmade Shoes For Men

But what surprises me is that now honing my working methods, and improving my manual skills, I can find inspiration from a photo taken on a Sunday afternoon, and in those tones of a peony blooming in the upstream of the Sybil in a deep green, I can not get that ‘image from the eyes is like a picture in which I lose myself, then I can find on the web Marco who cultivates and extracts natural colors and comes a new discovery we experience the Robbia on the leather Calf naturally tanned top quality …. I continue and through a social network I know a reality of rediscovery of ancient looms and fabrics with natural yarns and the challenge was born to integrate a fabric made with SopraVissana wool from our territory into the footwear.
Everything is linked by the possibility of eliminating the temporal and cultural distances and creating a product that is also an experiential journey. The desire to experiment is growing in me. Technology is the future and so I get in touch with technicians in Europe with whom we start a collaboration on the use of 3D and with remote scanning arrives in Moscow and Japan ….
Today my objective is to be able to create shoes that are current even if built with an ancient technique.

Italian Luxury Handmade Shoes For Men

Walking through my hills I discover that once you could eat a dierent grain intense avor and not as all taste that today are equal in fragrance and color, and then I nd that looking only now with seeds rediscovered naturally ey have managed to grow it. Today I eat farmer bread made with wheat our Jervecella, its avor is unique and its color is always intense, but the most interesting thing is that his story once known is alive in his name. In these experiences as a union with close and, distant realities can create or better rediscovering unique flavors, or maybe savor tastes never tried before that will become unforgettable. No matter our beliefs, our culture, our country because we are all this and the meaning of life is confronted, know, change over time in a continuous improvement that is style, gender, religious …. This for me is the inspiration of my work, this for me is the future. For social change must begin from anything you buy must know, see, understand, touch to use all our senses, spend our time and not think of having to always run in the frenzy of the moment.

Stop and look with different eyes even a pair of shoes. That as my grandfather said, and as I think I too shoes should last a lifetime. This is the idea that moves my passion.

And ‘so that my client by opening the wooden box of his pair of bespoke shoes and savor the odor in the feel of the materials a distant reality my workshop and putting them can feel tangible tradition of the past for a building of 100% artisan shoe and that lasts over time, and it is with the passage of time that the shoes will become an irreplaceable part of the walk. And ‘so that two distant worlds meet and begin walk together.

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