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“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.” 

– Oscar Wilde

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Natalia Vlaskina


About Art & Glam Founder

Natalia Vlaskina

I think all of us are born with an innate appreciation for beauty. As we grow older, our taste evolves with us and creates our desire for art and glamor. 

This was certainly the case for me. From an early age, I was immersed in the world of fashion and aesthetics. My mother was a stylist who worked with designers such as Pierre Cardin, Olivier Lapidus, and Slava Zaitsev. I remember childhood as an exciting and expansive time of color, creativity, and beauty. 

This need for artistic expression has stayed with me ever since then and influenced my career choices. As a teen, I worked as a fashion model and was enchanted by the imagination and expertise involved in creating designer clothes. I later went on to become a project manager, working in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle industries and collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned brands. I also created my own event planning and consulting firm, Luxury Emotions

“I invite you to explore the site and start crafting a glamorous life, filled with the most original, exquisite, and creative products and services, all in one place.”

Forever Art & Glam


Having a decent experience in luxury hospitality, I often had to collaborate with artisans, designers and artists and I was always on the lookout for something unique and original.

The idea for Art & Glam started forming when I was planning an anniversary celebration for a VIP client. I was looking for a gift that was not only unique and exclusive, but something that would take the client’s breath away (not an easy feat for the quintessential “person who has everything”). After extensive searching, I finally went to a friend who was an accomplished sculptor and asked her to create an original ceramic piece for this client. Seeing the client open her gift was a priceless experience, and her reaction proved to me just how special bespoke and one-of-a-kind items truly are. 

And so, it became my mission to make high-end, artisanal goods available to a wider section of the public, not just to people who are blessed to have special connections and the time to spend seeking out these rare treasures. 

With Art & Glam, I’m excited to share a love of luxury and beauty with the world. Here you will find a platform and online community of high-end artisans, craftspeople, small brands, and bespoke items. 


We’re more than just an online marketplace. We’re a community of art lovers, passionate creatives, and people who are intentional about living beautiful lives.

Artisans don’t just craft beautiful items —
they create CULTURE

Glamor can’t be mass produced. Which is why Art & Glam’s collections are curated to offer a very special kind of value. They reflect the long-standing traditions, skilled work, and incredible talent of the passionate people who make them. 

Glamour Made in...

Behind every artisanal item is a creator who draws on the traditions and practices of their unique region in the world and combines them with their personal talent and passion. The result is the kind of exceptional quality and luxury that creates true glamor. 

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