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Bespoke Beauty

Products made with passion are different. Our community of world-class artists, designers, and craftspeople don’t just “make things” — they craft personalized, unique items that are tailored just for you, right down to the very last detail. 


Bespoke fashion, accessories, and decor become the centerpieces of your lifestyle, treasured for years and passed down as family heirlooms. They are the jewels in your collection that have everyone asking “where did you get that?”

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Finding the best of everything is easy with Art & Glam. Our collections are carefully curated to feature only the finest artisanal offerings in fashion, design, homewares, artwork, food and drink, and more. 

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Featured Artisans

“I’m an artisan. I only became an artist when people watch what I do. That is when it becomes art.”

Alfio Bruschi luxury shoemaker 460x420 1

Alfio Bruschi


Italian artifact with exceptional luxury style and hand-made shoes exclusively designed for the clients

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Allison Masone


Creator of Giulietta luxury bags, the first stylish line by Allison Style made from handmade materials Made in Italy

Jacopo Scasellatti painter talent 460x420 1

Jacopo Scassellati


Outstanding Italian artist defined as one of the greatest young talents in painting and ceramics in recent years

IMG 3434 2 e1616524097164

Franco Scassellati


Millenial ceramic art where passion and craftsmanship create unique masterpieces, with contemporary and innovative design

Where Artisans Can Shine

Artisans can connect with art lovers across the world, sharing their craft and growing their business. Simply open here your bottega, or workshop, and start listing your items.

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